Say it isn’t so…

Recently, I attended the NP2020 gathering at GVSU. I felt a little old and slightly out of place, but boy did I learn a LOT!!!

The conference was in an open space format (which technically means it wasn’t a conference), and tech was everywhere. The whole thing was recorded on a wiki, and we all received a conference flash drive to keep track of stuff. We were encouraged to bring laptops and check our email. I even played around with my new blackberry while we were talking – and nobody batted an eye.

I’m on the VERY early end of the Gen X’ers and I come to technology with much hesitation. I usually just don’t get it. But – it’s part of the world I live in and I need to embrace it. I don’t want to be one of the resisters… I want to be part of The Club!

I like blogging but it was brought to my attention that I probably ought to read some blogs, also. (duh.) So – I went through the humbling experience of setting up a Google Reader account and importing a list of recommended blogs for me to read and track… and I found one I really like. It’s called lifehack, and here’s what caught my eye…

Memo to me: never say “never” again.

Dare I go to MySpace???

Submitted by Robin Lynn Grinnell

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