Does Your Website Stink?

Based on research by Mark Hoffman at Grand Valley State University, MNA is pleased to present “Principles for an Effective Nonprofit Website – How to Get the Most of Your Organization’s Website.” This is a how-to guide for the novice and expert techie. The handbook provides guiding principles for ensuring an effective website and includes an easy to use checklist for applying the principles. The handbook is available for download here.

Submitted by Erin Skene

2 Responses

  1. What a great resource! I love the checklist and the easy explanations. This will be useful for nonprofits of all sizes – especially smaller orgs that don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on web design or consultant-designers.

  2. I am always stunned by how little value so many organizations, especially NGOs, put in their web sites. I can’t believe that after almost 15 years of the web being in the mainstream, many orgs still do not realize that their web sites are often the “front doors” of the organization, and can quickly turn people away or draw them in, depending on their design and function.

    For donors to want to donate, or potential students to want to enroll, or volunteers to want to offer their time and effort, the “front door” to your organization must be welcoming and look professional.

    Some people may complain about the cost and time of producing such a web site, but I argue that if done wisely, a professional-looking, easy to navigate, and useful web site can be produced for almost no cost and with minimal time expenditures. Furthermore, the return on investment for high-quality online communications with your organization’s constituents is great.

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