We Talk a Good Game

As nonprofits we talk a good game. Everyone is talking (or writing) about how business, governments and nonprofits will have to compete for the upcoming talent of the younger generations – and is there really enough committed leaders willing and able to continue the important work of the sector? We discuss the leadership deficit with intelligence and worry that our organizations will not be left in capable hands upon our departure. But is it all talk?

I loved this opinion piece in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Is there really a shortage of talent? Or is there a shortage of talent in the way that Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers perceive talent? Maybe the difference is that current nonprofit leaders are unsettled about the idea of turning over their organizations to others with different ways of getting things done.

Submitted by Allison Treppa

One Response

  1. Well, one can’t help be be concerned. Different is good, sometimes. But you don’t want some up and coming doing things different and negatively effecting the institutions rep. Sometimes business minded individuals feel that, “as long as it gets done, it doesn’t matter HOW it gets done.”

    Of course we know thats not true. I can see fear coming from those worried about these sort of “leaders”.

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