Member Perspective: Charity Music

Charity Music President and CEO Roger Fachini and MNA President and CEO Kyle Caldwell

Charity Music President and CEO Roger Fachini and MNA President and CEO Kyle Caldwell, Dec. 2008

Over 125 years ago, British Poet Arthur O’Shaughnessy penned his oft-quoted Ode, in which he wrote “we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” Today, because of the dedicated volunteers working for Charity Music, this sentiment still rings true for many who otherwise couldn’t pursue their passions for music. Based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, with volunteers spread throughout the country, Charity Music works to help those wishing to find their hidden musical talents.

In 1996, Roger Fachini, past Macomb Symphony Orchestra President, started the Musical Instrument Donation Program as a pilot program. Donated musical instruments were utilized and offered at no charge to people. Today, one way Charity Music works is by providing musical instruments, sheet music, and CDs, free of charge, to military service members deployed overseas and their families through the Notes of Appreciation program.

“In combat situations there exist few options to release stress,” explains Roger Fachini. “Music is calming and educational, a universal language that can connect people who might be separated by thousands of miles.” Troops can sign up to receive this service through the America Supports You program, an initiative of The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.

In 2009, Charity Music hopes to further inspire music makers by providing instruments to the 157 VA Hospitals across the nation. What do you think of Charity Music’s work? Do you know anyone whose life has been transformed by music?

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