Responsible Organizations Increase the Power of the Network

Findings of a recent survey (pdf) conducted by Michigan Nonprofit Association in partnership with the Johnson Center at Grand Valley State University show a surge in demand for nonprofit services in the last 12 months. As you may expect, 94% of respondents said the poor economy was the primary reason behind this growth in demand. While the current economic climate is creating new challenges almost daily, connections to a strong network and resources are becoming increasingly vital for mission achievement.

As nonprofits, we constantly rethink, re-assess, retool where we are – both financially and in our missions. Continuing work that creates and renews relationships while increasing transparency and accountability is becoming more important than ever. Only together will the nonprofit sector be equipped to handle the increase in need we are seeing within our communities.

Difficult conversations are taking place in our capital, board rooms, and households. By taking active roles in these conversations, and by convening thinkers from across the sector, we are together able to re-frame our largest challenges as opportunities for change and innovation. Michigan has a large network of nonprofit organizations dedicated to this charge. While as a group they can leverage immediate costs savings to help in the short term, the network’s largest resource or benefit is the collaboration that it inspires in like-minded leaders. How has your organization used MNA and other statewide or regional networks to advance your mission in a troubled economy? We would love to hear from you.

Submitted by Brandon Seng

Photo credit: Flickr user Picture Perfect Pose

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