Resource Friday: 2009 Economic Benefits of Michigan’s Nonprofit Sector report

Many Michigan nonprofits shared with Michigan Nonprofit Association and the Johnson Center at Grand Valley State University in a recent survey that they are seeing an increase in demand for services. With the downturn of the economy, we know too well that resources are becoming harder to find and more competitive. Michigan Nonprofit Association, Council of Michigan Foundations and the Johnson Center at GVSU just released the 2009 Economic Benefits of Michigan’s Nonprofit Sector report and we hope this can be a tool for your nonprofit to use when advocated for funding, considering a potential partnership or merger, or leading conversations in your community.

You can read the full report to get an understanding of the true economic power of Michigan’s nonprofit sector, but new to this year’s report, you can also dig into detailed regional tables. Regions are searchable by type of nonprofit (public charities, private foundations and noncharitable nonprofits) and geography of interest (i.e. county, metropolitan, etc.) This allows you to take an up close look of how nonprofit organizations are fairing in your community.

Some highlights from the report:
• Michigan’s nonprofit organizations number over 47,000
• Employ directly more than 440,000 – that’s ten percent of the Michigan workforce
• Michigan nonprofits pay their employees more than $4 billion per quarter
• Generate more than $108 billion each year in overall economic activity

As Brandon shared in his recent blog post, Responsible Organizations Increase the Power of the Network, nonprofits must take an active role in the conversations taking place in our capital, board rooms and households. Use the 2009 Economic Benefits report to help prove nonprofits can and do play a vital role in Michigan’s economy.

Do you find this report useful? Is there information missing that you would have liked to see included?

Submitted by Lisa Sommer

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