Some Delicious Nonprofit I.T. Resources

If you’ve heard of Delicious ( or formerly then you know that it’s social bookmarking site that lets you tag websites of interest to you and share those links with people who might also find them interesting or helpful. You can share your Delicious bookmarks friends, co-workers, and the world at large.

For the past couple of years NPower Michigan has been tagging technology related sites of interest to nonprofits on to our Delicious page. The Internet is a vast database of unorganized, unclassified information so when one NPower staffer stumbles onto a web resource we think could be useful for nonprofits we tag it. Then the rest of the staff can then see (by visiting the site or via an RSS feed) these sites without having to email links back and forth. It’s been a great tool for us to keep on top of new tools and technology.

NPower’s Delicious is also open for anyone to see. If you visit you’ll find a vast and ever growing array of free, low-cost, and innovative tools and articles we think could be useful for nonprofits.

If you often find yourself reading blogs and sites that would be of interest to your co-workers, start a free Delicious account for your organization and you can start tagging links of interest specific to your sector and mission. It’s easy!

Do you or your organization use Delicious? Has it been helpful in finding resources?

adam1 Note: This post is authored by guest blogger Adam King. Adam King is the Technology Manager at NPower Michigan. Since 2004, Adam has been helping nonprofits in Michigan with technology assessments and planning, scheduled support and maintenance, as well as technology-based workshops.



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One Response

  1. Thanks Adam and Andy! I have been using delicious since the New Detroit CCI Grant TA class that you did. It’s great to store information for later. I would like to open our part up to others in our regional advisory committee. But I would like to keep control of the information so others can’t mess it up. How so I do that?

    Thanks for introducing me to delicious! Sue

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