United We Serve

Today the White House launches United We Serve, a new service initiative calling all Americans to join in a summer of service to culminate with a National Day of Service and Remembrance on September 11. United We Serve not only calls Americans to serve, but brings an opportunity for the nonprofits to create and promote unique partnerships in your community. It’s also opportunity for the nonprofit sector to demonstrate its role in building a stronger economy.

View President Obama’s video message announcing this effort: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/United-We-Serve/

The United We Serve effort will focus on four broad issues:
• Promoting clean energy, energy efficiency and public land restoration
• Supporting education and literacy for all Americans
• Increasing health care access, public health awareness, and prevention
• Providing community renewal to areas hit hardest by the economic crisis

With this resurgence of national service, the nonprofit sector will feel new energy, but should also expect an increased level of scrutiny and accountability. As entities that serve the public, nonprofits have an ethical obligation to conduct their activities in a way that is accountable and transparent to the community. How will your organization demonstrate transparency and accountability? And how will your organization capture this new energy and build a path of sustainable service?

For more information about United We Serve or for individual, group and organization volunteer opportunities, please visit www.serve.gov.

Submitted by Kyle Caldwell



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